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Oxarep repellent

500 ml; 5 l
Release form :

500 ml polymeric bottles, 5 l cans.

Product benefits:

  •  Used in all types of animals.
  •  Effective even against blood-sucking insects.
  •  Non water-washable without washing agents.

Oxarep contains oxamate as an active ingredient.
Oxarep is a repellent with contact action. It is active against blood-sucking flies including mosquitoes, black flies, biting midges and gadflies.

It is marginally hazardous substance for endotherms (12.1.007-76 All Union State standard Hazard Category 4). The product does not provide local irritative, sensitizing or allergic skin effect when administered in recommended doses.

Oxarep is used in order to prevent attack of blood-sucking flies on cattle, working horses and sled reindeer during mass flight.

Recommendations for use

Process animals with Oxarep on open air during active insect flight period.
Shake the bottle before use. Cover animal eyes and process all the body, especially head, back and limb areas. Repellent discharge per one animal is up to 100 ml (150 clicks on spray handle or 3.5 sq. m of processed surface).

Reprocessing: according to entomological indications. Mosquitoes, gadflies and biting midges: once a day. Black flies: as appropriate.

In order to prevent milk mechanical pollution with Oxarep, process milking animals after milking. Carefully wash udder with warm water before every milking operation. Do not allow dirt of milking equipment, utensils and milker's work wear.

Adverse reactions

Potential individual sensitivity to the repellent may be observed, so allergic reactions may occur. In this case stop further drug administration and perform desensitizing therapy.

Special warnings

Animals are allowed to be slaughtered for meat not earlier than 24 hours after the last processing. All activities with Oxarep are performed in work wear using bulky dressing or respirator.


Store in original package at -40…+40°С. Protect from light and moisture. Shelf life is 2 years from manufacturing date.

Pharmaceutical form

500 ml polymeric bottles, 5 l cans.

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