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drops against fleas and ticks for dogs

Innovative, least toxic but highly effective medication against fleas and ticks on dogs.

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Why are we the best?
The Newest Equipment

Manufacturing centre and laboratory facilities of our company are fully equipped with the most modern equipment. It allows manufacturing various medical and cosmetic forms: tablets, granules, suspensions, water and oil solutions, eye drops, injection drugs, sprays, gels, ointments, shampoos for animals and balms.

GMP Certificate

In 2012 our company was among the first manufacturers of veterinary medicines in Russia to receive European GMP certificate, which confirms the quality of our products on a global level.

Contract Production

Our production facilities and high quality of our equipment allow us to accept orders for contract production from leading Russian and foreign pharmaceutical companies. We are always open for cooperation.

Research Center

The Department of research and development of new drugs employs nineteen candidates and nine doctors of science, including six professors. We have our own research center.

Cooperation with Universities

We cooperate with more than 30 universities training veterinary specialists.

Over 700 specialists

The staff of our company consists of more than 700 top-class specialists, whose professionalism and continuous improvement in their scope of activity  help animals live a long and healthy life.

New Products

We pay great attention to development of new products; therefore, our product range is constantly updated with new products.

In Russia and Other Countries

Our products are present everywhere and  are well known, we have 25 offices in the cities of Russia,and we export the products to 26 countries. These are all CIS countries, as well as the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia (EurAsEC countries), Georgia, Taiwan, Abkhazia, Egypt, Mongolia, Latvia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Bosnia.

Over 420 Products

We produce more than 430 kinds of high quality products - preparations for livestock and poultry, pet, reptile, fish, ornamental birds, rodents and horses.