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About AVZ


 S.V. Еngashev
Director General, doctor of veterinary Sciences, Professor, academician of RANS, honored inventor of Russia, laureate of RF Government prize in science and technology

In 2023, AVZ turned 30 years old. It all started back in 1993 with three enthusiasts, and today AVZ employs more than 800 highly qualified specialists. We produce more than 430 products for Pets, productive animals, birds, fish and reptiles. We are very proud of what we do. We protect the health of animals and make their owners happy. We are very pleased that pet owners trust AVZ – our brand "bars" has received the Product of the year award for 6 consecutive years – from 2012 to 2017.

In 2012, our company received the European GMP certificate. This document gave us access to the market of veterinary medicines from any country in the European Union, as well as to the markets of many other countries that trust European quality standards (USA, Taiwan, Japan, etc.). This is very important, because AVZ products are in demand not only in Russia. To date, AVZ exports more than 330 products of its own production to 26 countries around the world. 40 distributors present our products in the vast expanses of our homeland. We cooperate with 270 major agricultural holdings in Russia. We are eternally grateful to our partners for their fruitful cooperation.

AVZ can rightfully be called an innovative company. In 2023, the number of our patents exceeded 80. AVZ production halls are equipped with the latest pharmaceutical equipment from Fette, BOSH, Glatt, Norden, Kilian, etc. Many of our products have no analogues in Russia, and some in the world!

We strictly monitor the quality of our products. Each stage of production is subject to constant control, starting from the input control of raw materials and ending with the control of finished products. This is why we are confident in the excellent quality of our products.

Production capacity, high quality equipment, experience and compliance with GMP standards, as well as the professionalism of our specialists allow AVZ to accept orders for contract production from leading Russian and foreign veterinary and pharmaceutical companies. This is a separate area of our activity, which is rapidly developing. We are always open for cooperation!

We understand the importance of educational work, so AVZ educational projects for veterinarians are held in all regions of our country and abroad. Every year AVZ conducts and supports more than 40 veterinary seminars and conferences throughout Russia-from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. Among the most significant events of the year that AVZ-consulting organizes are the Primorye veterinary Congress and the school of veterinary ophthalmology. On our website avzvet.ru in the AVZ-consulting section, you can view the schedule of events and pass electronic registration. The section for veterinarians contains presentations from AVZ-consulting lecturers-leading specialists in veterinary medicine. At AVZ seminars, certificates of the training Center of the Union of animal business enterprises are issued, which can be exchanged for certificates of professional development when 72 hours are accumulated.

Our research division employs six professors, ten doctors of science and thirty candidates of science — we have our own small research Institute. CEO of AVZ – academician, Professor, doctor of veterinary Sciences, in 2016, he was awarded the title of Honorary Inventor of the Russian Federation. In the same year, AVZ was awarded the highest award of the Russian veterinary community – the Golden scalpel award for its professionalism. In 2019, AVZ received the Russian Government award in the field of science and technology. The prize was awarded for the development and implementation of domestic innovative tools, technologies and methods for protecting animal health, ensuring an increase in the production of livestock products and the biological safety of the country.

The research Department of the AVZ is officially recognized as the industrial base of the Department of Parasitology and veterinary-sanitary expertise Department of physiology, pharmacology and toxicology. A. N. Golikova I. E. and Mozgova Mgavmib – MVA they. K. I. Skryabin, and a branch of the Department of epizootology, Parasitology and veterinary-sanitary examination of the Nizhny Novgorod state agricultural Academy.

Our representatives already work in more than 30 cities of Russia. Of course, we want to be closer to you, our friends and colleagues, so we plan to open representative offices in other cities as well.

Many people will be pleased to learn that AVZ is a socially responsible company. We believe that our mission is not only successful commercial activity. We feel that we must take care of the health of those animals who are not lucky enough to have a warm home and loving owners, so we help shelters and charities across the country. Among our wards there are even cats of the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg.

AVZ is an interactive company. On our website you can get the latest information about new products, as well as advice from specialists in animal care, including exotic animals and fish. Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte are the social media platforms where you can find us.

Join us, we always have something new!

Business Principles company AVZ
Customer relations
  • Creation of most favorable conditions for investors to cooperate with the company
  • Attentiveness to every Customer
  • Provision and support of high quality services
  • Orientation to long-term, strong and mutually advantageous relations
Market position
  • Pursuit of leading positions among veterinary products manufacturers
  • Development of an international-level Company
  • Maximum market coverage, extension of scopes of activity, development of regional operations
  • Assistance in industry development and market infrastructure. Innovations aimed at creation of new medicines and commercial products
  • Support of dynamic development
  • Buildup of production potential, integration of pioneering technologies
  • Strengthening the Company’s prestige. Desire to be one of the most reputable companies
  • Personnel support. Enhancement of specialists’ professional level, mastering the best foreign practices
Relationship with society
  • Unconditioned legality of operations
  • Active social position
  • Responsibility, honesty, good faith, adherence to business ethics, moral norms and rules
  • Educational activity in the field of veterinary
  • Transparency in public relations and work with mass media