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Four and a tail shampoo

200 ml
Release form :

200 ml polymeric bottle.

Product benefits:

  • Natural repellent component.
  • Reliable hair dirt removal with simultaneous broad-spectrum protection from insects and ticks parasitizing dogs and cats.
  • Combined washing and deodorizing effect.
  • Provides hair shine and easy combing.

Chemical composition and properties

The shampoo contains natural citronella oil (natural repellent and deodorant). Citronella oil provides skin tonic effect, offers stimulating, cleaning and refreshing properties. It deals not only with fleas and other insects but provides hair shine and nice hair odor. Except citronella oil, Four and a tail shampoo contains excipients such as glycerol, soya oil fatty acid diethanolamides, sodium chloride, citric acid and others, as well as ultra pure water.
Four and a tail shampoo for canine and feline protection from ectoparasites represents green homogenous gel mass without any foreign impurities with odor characteristic for used raw materials. It can be mixed with water in all proportions.


Use shampoo as a washing agent and a product for short-term canine and feline protection from ectoparasites. Use BARS® / BARS® FORTE drops or spray against fleas and ticks for long-term animal protection from ectoparasites.
Before processing freely moisten animal pelage and skin with warm water, then apply shampoo equally distributing it along the body surface and gently rub in until foam appears. In 2-3 minutes wash shampoo away with warm water, dry and comb hair. In severe cases repeat the procedure.

Adverse events

Adverse events and complications are not generally observed due to the shampoo administration. Increased individual sensitivity to shampoo components may appear.
Stop use in case of increased individual sensitivity to shampoo components and allergic reactions.


Store in original package at 0-25°С. Protect from light. Shelf life is 2 years since manufacturing date.

Pharmaceutical form

200 ml polymeric bottle.

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