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Four and a tail repellent drops on the withers for cats

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2 droppers
2 droppers
Application :

For canine and feline protection from ectoparasites

Release form :

Polymeric dropper. Outer package - carton (2 droppers).

Product benefits:

  • Contain mix of natural essential oils.
  • Broad-spectrum reliable protection from insects and ticks parasitizing dogs and cats.
  • Absolutely safe for use.

Chemical composition and properties

Four and a tail repellent drops on the withers contain mix of essential oils of lavender (2%), citronella (2%), schizandra (2%). Drops represent clear oily light-yellow liquid with characteristic aromatic odor.
Essential oils of lavender, citronella, schizandra (components of drops) have significant repellent effect on sucking lice, fleas, lice, ixodic and sarcoptic ticks parasitizing dogs and cats.
After a single processing repellent action lasts within 3 and 8 weeks (against ixodic ticks and fleas, respectively).
When used in recommended doses, Four and a tail repellent drops on the withers do not have local irritative, resorptive toxic and sensitizing effect.


Use to prevent canine and feline entomosis, sarcoptic mange, notoedrosis and ixodic tick affections.
Spread animal's hair and apply drops on skin along the spinal column on several points in the region of back (between scapulae), head and near the base of tail. Doses are listed below.

Body weight

Number of droppers required, pcs


2-10 kg


10-20 kg


>20 kg



<3 kg

10 drops

3-8 kg


≥8 kg


Reprocessing: according to indications.

Special warnings

In case of contact with mucosae, immediately wash repellent away with water current.

Adverse events

Increased individual sensitivity to essential oils (components of drops) may cause allergic reactions. In this case stop further drug administration and perform desensitizing therapy.

Do not use in lactating animals, puppies and kittens under 8 weeks.


Store in original package at 0-30°С. Protect from light and moisture. Shelf life is 2 years since manufacturing date.

Pharmaceutical form

Polymeric dropper. Outer package - carton (2 droppers).

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