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Bars Forte fleas and ticks drops for kittens

3 droppers
Release form :

0.5, 1.0 and 1.8 ml polymeric droppers. Outer package - carton (3-4 droppers).

Product benefits:

  • Protection from insects and ticks within 1-2 months.
  • Kills not only fleas, but their eggs and larvas.
  • Provides repellent effect scaring even mosquitoes.
  • Effective prevention of diseases caused by fleas and ticks.

Chemical composition and pharmacological properties

The drug contains fipronil, diflubenzuron (insect growth regulator) and excipients including citronella essential oil. The drug has frank insecticidal acaricidal effect on larval and mature development phases of fleas, sucking lice, lice, ixodic and sarcoptic ticks, as well as repellent effect.
After dermal drug application fipronil and diflubenzuron (components of the drug) slightly absorb into systemic blood, accumulate in epidermis, hair bulbs and sebaceous glands providing long-term contact and intestinal insecticidal acaricidal effect.
The mechanism of fipronil action includes impairment of the neural impulse transmission causing paralysis and death of insects and ticks.
Insect growth regulator violates chitine synthesis in parasites breaking their life cycle.


For treatment and prevention of canine and feline entomosis (fleas, sucking lice and lice), sarcoptic mange, notoedrosis and ixodic ticks, as well as for prevention of ectoparasite attack.


Do not use in pregnant and lactating females, contagious and recovering animals, puppies and kittens under 10 weeks old. Drug is toxic for rabbits, fish and other aquatic organisms.

Dosage and administration

Administered in a single dose by spot-on application on dry intact skin. Protective effect lasts within 1-2 months.
Apply the drug out of the reach of licking: in several points in the region of back (between scapulae) or neck (near skull base) in listed doses.
Minimal therapeutic doses are 0.18 ml/kg of body weight (9 mg/kg of fipronil and 0.18 mg/kg of diflubenzuron) and 0.1 ml/kg of body weight (5 mg/kg of fipronil and 0.1 mg/kg of diflubenzuron) for dogs and cats, respectively.
Choose appropriate volume of droppers or their combination and administer the drug in listed doses (in the light of type and weight of animal to be processed).

Type and weight
of animal

Dose per animal:
drug, ml / active ingredients, mg

of used droppers

Bars Forte fleas and ticks drops for cats:

<1 kg

0.1ml/5 mg of fipronil

and 0.1 mg of diflubenzuron

0.5 ml/2 drops

1-3 kg

0.3 ml/15 mg of fipronil

and 0.3 mg of diflubenzuron

0.5 ml/6 drops

3-10** kg

1.0 ml/50 mg of fipronil

and 1.0 mg of diflubenzuron

1.0 ml/1 dropper

Bars Forte fleas and ticks drops for cats:

<1 kg

0.5 ml/5 mg of fipronil

and 0.5 mg of diflubenzuron

0.5 ml/1 dropper

>1 kg

1.0 ml/10 mg of fipronil

and 1.0 mg of diflubenzuron

1.0 ml/1 dropper

Dog weighing more than 50 kg: apply 1 additional dropper to each further 10 kg.

Reprocessing: according to indications, no more than once a month.

Prevention of flea reinvasion: change beddings or process them by any insecticide agent according to package insert.

To kill ixodic ticks on animal body apply 1 drop of the drug on a tick and its attachment site. If a tick does not naturally drop out in 20-30 minutes, carefully pull it out with forceps and kill.

Do not wash and bathe animal in natural waters within 48 hours after processing. Do to apply the drug on wet or damaged skin.

Adverse events

Adverse events and complications are not observed in case of administration as per package insert.

Special warnings

In case of drug contact with skin or mucosae, wash it away with water. Do not stroke sites of drug application or allow animal contact with young children within 48 hours after processing.


Store in closed original package. Protect from light and moisture. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Store separately from food and animal feeding at 0-30°С.

Pharmaceutical form

0.5, 1.0 and 1.8 ml polymeric droppers. Outer package - carton (3-4 droppers).

The information provided in this catalog is for reference only. There may be some changes in the characteristics, packaging and packaging of products.

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