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Perol-A solution for processing the surfaces

500 ml
Release form :

0.5 l polymeric bottles with a dispensing pump, cans.

Product benefits:

  •  High effective insecticidal effect.
  •  Promotes increase in yields and milk quality.
  •  Finished working solution in convenient dosage form is easy to use.
  •  Single bottle is enough to process large surface areas.

Chemical composition and properties

The product contains 0.9% permethrin (synthetic pyrethroid) as an active ingredient.
This drug is insecticidal product with contact action which is active against zoophilous flies and other insects.

It is a low-hazard substance (according to potential health effects). When used in recommended doses, the drug does not provide local irritative and sensitizing effect.


Use against zoophilous flies and other insects in pig-breeding farms, animal production units and poultry farms.

Dosage and administration

Process premises against insects in the absence of animals, food and forage.
Before processing cover milking equipment and milky stock with polyethylene film, close windows and doors, then turn off ventilation. Process localization areas of flies and other insects (windows, walls, doors, equipment, stop bars, dung etc.).

Before use Perol-A uncup a bottle and replace a closure with a dispensing pump using screw joint. Gently press bottle with a hand until the drug current appears from a pulverizer. Then press a pump handle to perform processing. 1 polymeric bottle is sufficient to process 40-45 sq. m of premise surface. It is possible to process the premises with Komarov's desinfection unit, shoulder sprayers etc. After the processing ventilate the premise within an hour, accurately wash feeders and drinking pans. Sweep and discard dead flies. Reprocessing: according to indications (depending on number of flies), 12-14 days apart.

Special warnings

While using Perol-A, it is necessary to meet Sanitary rules related to storage, transportation and use of pesticides (toxic chemicals) in the agricultural sector.
In case of Perol-A contact with skin or mucosae, wash it away immediately with water current or remove with a tampon and then wash it away with water or weakly alkaline solution. If swallowed, give to an injured person several glasses of warm water with 8-10 tablets of activated carbon or another adsorbent. Then administer saline purge.


Store in original package at -20…+25°С. Protect from light and moisture.

Pharmaceutical form

0.5 l polymeric bottles with a dispensing pump, cans.