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Elite Professional shampoo for wire-haired dogs

270 ml
Release form :

The bottle 270 ml

Product benefits:

  • Professional cosmetics adapted for domestic use.
  • Cosmetics contain highly effective active substances with proved properties and maximum natural ingredients from the best raw material manufactures of Europe, Japan and the USA.
  • The first cosmetics without animal-based ingredients and minimum percentage of synthetic components.
  • Phytosystem with more than 34 high-quality vegetable extracts, unique 14 amino acid complex, vegetable proteins, silk amino acids and specially selected vitamins.
  • Maximum effect to solve precise cosmetic problems related to pet hair care.
  • Broad-spectrum cosmetic products for pet hair beauty supplement including shampoos for all hair types, colours and structure, balms, conditioners, tested formulation sprays with fashionable gorgeous odor in convenient package.
  • Recommended by leading groomers for everyday and advanced care.

Elite shampoos are professional products for regular hair care in dogs and cats. Elite shampoos combine soft washing complex and unique combinations of vitamins and natural herbal extracts. Every Elite shampoo type formulation is well-circumspect in the light of all needs of every hair type. Elite shampoo components provide regulative effect on natural hydrobalance and protect skin from environmental adverse effects, nourish pelage and skin, fend off hair breaking and double hair shaft, as well as moisturize, prevent hair entangling and ease combing.

Elite shampoo for wire-haired dogs
The shampoo contains 14 amino acid complex, soya bean proteins, wheat proteins and keratin. Soya bean proteins provide hair strength and energy, revitalize, strengthen, protect and provide hair shine. Wheat proteins repair damaged hair, reduce hair breaking, increase resistance against mechanical effects, protect from stress (combing, drying etc.), create protective layer on hair surface, calm irritated skin and provide anti-inflammatory effect. Keratin revitalizes thin and weakened hair structure by visual thickening, improves and enhances internal and external structure by means of filling hair microdamages. Elite shampoo for wire-haired dogs is suitable for everyday care. Unique shampoo formula is specially developed to highlight canine wiry hair structure.