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Bars Forte spray against fleas and ticks for dogs

100 ml
Release form :

100 ml polymeric bottles with mechanical dispensing pumps.

Product benefits:

  • Protection from fleas and ixodic ticks for at least 1 month and 14 days, respectively.
  • Kills not only fleas, but their eggs and larvas.
  • All parasites are nonresistant to the drug.
  • New formulation - fipronil and insect growth regulator.
  • Perfect for insecticidal acaricidal treatment of both an animal and its inhabitation.

Chemical composition and pharmacological properties

The drug contains fipronil, insect growth regulator and excipients (such as glycerol, castor oil etc.). The drug has frank insecticidal acaricidal effect on larval and mature development phases of fleas, sucking lice, lice, ixodic and sarcoptic ticks parasitizing dogs and cats.
After spraying of animal pelage and skin fipronil (a component of the drug) does not absorb into systemic blood, accumulates in epidermis, hair bulbs and sebaceous glands providing long-term contact and intestinal insecticidal acaricidal effect.
The mechanism of fipronil action includes blocking the GABA-dependent receptors of ectoparasites, which impairs the neural impulse transmission causing paralysis and death of insects and ticks.
Insect growth regulator violates chitine (cover tissues) synthesis in parasites reliably breaking their life cycle.
Glycerol and castor oil provide antiseptic effect and regulate metabolic processes in skin and hair. These ingredients promote formation of healthy and thick coat in animal.


For treatment and prevention of canine and feline entomosis (fleas, sucking lice and lice), sarcoptoidosis (sarcoptic mange, notoedrosis) and ixodic ticks.


Do not use in contagious and recovering animals, pregnant females, as well as in puppies and kittens under 10 weeks old.

Dosage and administration

Administer on open air or in a well ventilated room with open windows (fanlights) far from open flame.
Use muzzle, cervical collar or close animal jaws with a tape loop to prevent drug licking and remove it after complete drying of pelage and skin.
Before use shake a bottle with the drug, hold it vertically and press dispensing pump. Keep aerosol flame 25-30 cm away from the surface to be sprayed.
Spray all animal body contrary to hair growth slightly moisturizing hair to kill insects and prevent ixodic tick attack. Lift hair by hand in a glove (in long-haired animals). Administer in dose of 0.5-1.0 ml per 1 kg of body weight (depending on pelage status) by one and two clicks on bottle dispensing pump, respectively. Shield animal eyes and process conches and thorax. Gently rub the drug around eyes and nose by finger tips in glove. Then process neck, body, limbs, abdomen and tail. Comb animal in 20 minutes after processing.
Prevention: process according to indications.
Prevention of flea reinvasion: process beddings, body clothes and other animal care items with spray (2 ml or 4 clicks on dispensing pump per 1 sq. m of surface to be sprayed). Do not allow animal contact with processed items within a day.
Feline notoedrosis and canine sarcoptic mange: apply the drug to affected areas (previously cleaned from sloughs) engaging till 1 cm of frontier healthy skin (1 ml or two clicks on dispensing pump per 10 sq. cm of an affected area).
Administer for 2-4 times, 7-10 days apart till animal clinical recovery confirmed by double negative result of acarological testings.
Animals with major affected areas: process in two steps, 1 day apart applying the drug on the one affected half of the body and then on another one.

Special warnings

Do not stroke an animal within 24 hours after processing. Do not allow animals to lick the drug and to approach to open flame and heaters. Do not bathe an animal or allow its contact with young children within 48 hours after processing.

Adverse events

Adverse events and complications are not observed in case of administration as per package insert. In case of increased individual sensitivity to the drug components and complications (excess salivation, lacrimation, vomiting), stop administration and wash the drug away with water and a washing agent.


Store in original package. Protect from light and moisture. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Store separately from food and animal feeding at 0-30°С.

Pharmaceutical form

100 ml polymeric bottles with mechanical dispensing pumps.

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