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Anandine plus ear Drops

5 ml
Release form :

5 ml plastic dropper bottles, which are packed individually in a cardboard pack together with the instructions for use.

Composition and pharmacological properties.

Ear drops Anandin plus (Guttae auricularis Anandini plus) as active ingredients in 1 ml contain anandin (glucaminopropylcarbacridone) - 20 mg, gramicidin C - 0.05 mg and permethrin - 0.5 mg. Anandin plus ear drops belong to the pharmacotherapeutic group of insecticide agents in combinations.

The active components included in the preparation provide an insecticidal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Permethrin-a synthetic pyrethroid has a pronounced insecticidal activity, including against the causative agent of otodectosis in dogs and cats – Otodectes cynotis. The mechanism of its action is to block the transmission of nerve impulses, which causes a violation of the coordination of movements, paralysis and death of ectoparasites.

Gramicidin C is a polypeptide antibiotic for topical use. It has a bacteriostatic effect, is active against streptococci, staphylococci, pathogens of anaerobic infections and a number of other, mainly Gram-positive, microorganisms. In high concentrations, it has a bactericidal effect, increases the permeability of the microbial cell membrane, which disrupts its stability and causes death. It is absorbed by the mucous membranes slightly, which provides its local antimicrobial effect.

Anandine (glucaminopropylcarbacridone) it belongs to the group of synthetic low-molecular-weight cytokine inducers, has immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal activity, helps to reduce inflammatory processes, heal damaged tissues, and reduces itching.

Indications for use.

Anandin plus ear drops are prescribed for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes for dogs and cats with otodectosis (ear form of scabies), including complicated otitis media of bacterial and fungal etiology.


Contraindication to the use of ear Drops Anandin plus is an individual hypersensitivity of the animal to the components of the drug, including in the anamnesis. It is forbidden to use the drug in animals with perforation of the tympanic membrane.

Dosage and administration procedure.

Before processing the auricle and the external auditory canal thoroughly clean of earwax and scabs swab moistened with Drops ear Anandin plus, and then instill 3-5 drops of the drug (cats and small dogs – 3 drops of medium breeds – 4 drops dogs large breeds 5 drops) in each ear.

In order to more fully treat the entire surface of the ear and the auditory canal, the auricle and its base are lightly massaged. Drops must be injected into both ears, even if only one ear is affected by otodectosis.

The treatment is carried out once a day for 3-7 days until the complete recovery of the animal, which is confirmed by microscopic studies of scrapings. If necessary, the course of treatment is repeated.

If the animal shakes its head after using the drug, it should be fixed for several minutes to prevent its splashing, and if drops get on the coat, it should be thoroughly wiped.

Side effects.

Ear drops Anandin plus store in sealed original packaging protected from direct sunlight place, away from food and feed at a temperature from 0° C to 25° C. shelf Life of the drug under the conditions of storage in a closed package – 2 years from date of manufacture, after opening the bottle – 30 days.


They produce Anandin plus ear drops packaged in 5 and 10 ml plastic dropper bottles, which are packed individually in a cardboard pack together with the instructions for use.