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Four paws shampoo for dogs

180 ml; 5 l
Release form :

180 ml polymeric bottle, 5 l can.

Product benefits:

  • Effectively removes dirt.
  • Moisturizes foot pads.
  • Provides microdamage healing.
  • Improves hair status.
  • Strengthens skin protective barrier.

Chemical composition and properties

The shampoo contains natural extract of camomile flowers and leaves, glycerol and allantoin.
Camomile has antimicrobial and sedative effect, promotes cellular regeneration, softens skin and stimulates healing of small fissures and wounds.
Glycerol moisturizes and softens skin and hair, enhances skin protective barrier.
Allantoin stimulates healing of small fissures and wounds, abirritates and removes erythema.
Four paws shampoo is suitable for everyday care about canine skin and pelage after walking.
It effectively cleans skin and hair from street dirt, moisturizes, softens and promotes healing of small fissures and wounds.

Recommendations for use

Before use dilute shampoo with water and foam it. Rub this solution in animal paws. In 2-3 minutes wash it away with warm water. In severe cases moisten paws and hair with warm water, apply shampoo, rub it until foam appears, then wash it away with warm water.


Store in closed original package at 0-25°С. Protect from light. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Shelf life is 2 years from manufacturing date.

Pharmaceutical form

180 ml polymeric bottle, 5 l can.

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