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Dorogova Balm recipe no. 10

100 ml
Release form :

100 ml polymeric bottles and tubes.

Product benefits:

  •  Number one product in combined therapy of limb diseases.
  •  Provides strong antibacterial and antifungal effect (including necrobacillosis).
  •  Promotes fast necrotic tissue rejection and wound cleaning from pus.
  •  Accelerates epithelization and hoof horn recovery.

Chemical composition and pharmacological properties

Dorogova Balm is manufactured in three formulations (No. 4, No. 6, No. 10); 100 g contain ASD-2F (2.0 g, 3.0 g and 5.0 g, respectively) and ASD-3F (2.0 g, 3.0 g and 5.0 g, respectively) as active ingredients, as well as excipients. External use of drugs containing Antiseptic Dorogov's stimulator 2 and 3 fractions provides antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, promotes reticuloendothelial system activity, normalizes trophism and accelerates regeneration of affected tissues.


Use to treat wounds, various inflammatory skin diseases and purulo-necrotic hoof diseases in horses, cattle, small ruminants and pigs. 
Dorogova Balm Recipe No. 10 is intended for treatment of purulo-necrotic diseases and traumas of hooves and claw horns in horses, cattle and small ruminants.


Do not apply on udder skin of lactating animals.

Dosage and administration

Before use remove dirt, hair, necrotic tissues, pus and wound exudate from affected body surface. 
In order to treat purulo-necrotic diseases and traumas of hooves and claw horns (pododermatitis, necrobacillosis, wounds and purulent inflammation of coronary band, sole, frog and grease), apply Dorogova Balm Recipe No. 10 on affected skin areas once or twice a day till recovery. Dorogova Balm does not exclude administration of other medications such as etiotropic, pathogenetic and symptomatic drugs (apart from topical drugs due to potential decrease in efficacy).

Adverse events

Increased individual sensitivity to the drug components may cause allergic reactions. In this case stop drug administration.

Waiting period

Animal production received during Dorogova Balm administration period can be used in accordance with general practices. Clean out and discard areas of carcass of compulsorily slaughtered animal processed with the drug.


Store in original package at 0-25°С. Protect from light.

Pharmaceutical form

100 ml polymeric bottles and tubes.

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