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ASD Antiseptic Dorogov's stimulator 3 fraction

100 ml
Release form :

100 ml glass bottle.

Product benefits:

  •  Unique formulation provides high efficiency.
  •  Finished dosage form reliable safety.
  •  Universal therapeutic and preventive activity.
  •  Easy and comfortable use.

Chemical composition and pharmacological properties

The drug contains carboxylic acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons, amines, amides, alkyl benzenes, substituted phenols, compounds with active sulfhydryl group and others, water.
Oral use provides activating effect on central and vegetative nervous system, promotes gastrointestinal tract motor activity and digestive gland secretion, enhances activity of digestive and tissue enzymes, improves Nа+ and K+ ion penetration through cellular membranes, supports normalization of digestive processes and nutrient intake, as well as increases natural organism resistance.

External use stimulates reticuloendothelial system activity, normalizes trophism, accelerates affected tissue regeneration and has significant antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.


Antiseptic Dorogov's stimulator 2 fraction (ASD-2F) is intended to treat and prevent diseases of gastrointestinal tract, respiratory and urogenital systems, skin affections and metabolic disorders in farm animals, poultry and carnivorous animals; to promote activity of central and vegetative nervous systems, increase natural resistance in animals with history of infectious and invasion diseases, as well as to stimulate growth and development of growers of farm animals and poultry.

Antiseptic Dorogov's stimulator 3 fraction (ASD-3F) is intended for treatment of infected sluggish wounds, dermatitis, chronic inflammatory affections of skin and hooves, trophic ulcers, fistulas, sheep foot rot and necrobacillosis.


Increased individual sensitivity to the drug components.

Dosage and administration

ASD-3F is intended for external use in native form or as 25-50% oily solutions.
Prepare oily solutions aseptically using castor, flax and sunflower oils or fish oil, accurately mix and add ASD-3F (1:4 or 1:1).

Treatment of infected sluggish wounds and fistulas: wash affected area with 15-20% ASD-2F solution until purulent exudate stops. After that apply a gauze pad moistened with 20% ASD-3F oily solution and fix it with a bandage. Perform treatment till recovery changing pads with the drug every day (up to 21 days).

Eczemas, decubiti, dermatitis, chronic inflammatory skin diseases, pyodermia and trophic ulcers: once a day apply 25-50% drug oily solutions on affected skin areas engaging 2-3 cm of healthy skin in order to prevent inflammatory lesion irradiation. Perform treatment till animal recovery (up to 21 days). Major skin affections: apply 50% drug solution alternately on different areas (not more than 1/10 of body surface per 1 processing).

Necrobacillosis and sheep foot rot: after appropriate cleaning anoint affected areas with native ASD-3F once a day. Perform therapy in combination with local surgical debridements, as well as specific and symptomatic drugs till absolute recovery (up to 28 days).

Adverse events

Adverse events and complications are not generally observed.

Special warnings

The drug does not exclude administration of other specific or symptomatic medications.
Milk of milking animals and eggs can be used without restriction after the drug administration. Meat of compulsorily slaughtered animals can be also used without restrictions.


Store in closed original package. Protect from light. Store separately from food and animal feeding at 4-35°С. Drug shelf life is 2 years from manufacturing date when stored in accordance with regulations.

Pharmaceutical form

ASD-3F - 100 ml glass bottle.

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