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18 ml; 1 l
Release form :

The rodenticide is manufactured in 18 ml and 1 l bottles.

Chemical composition and properties

This rodenticide is intended to prepare preparative forms against gray rats, house mice and common voles in installations of various types. Used by agencies dealing with disinfection and deratization.

Aratam-concentrate is oily liquid pink difenacin-based 0.5% concentrate. The product also contains functional additives such as bitter principle (bitrex), colorant, solvent and vegetable oil.

Recommendations for use

Use to prepare rodenticide 0.008% food bait. Preparation: mix 18 ml of liquid Aratam-concentrate and 1000 g of food base. Also add attractants to a bait (such as sunflower oil, flour etc.).

Locate finished rodenticide baits in baiting units (plastic containers, boxes, beds, cartons) or on trays made of thick paper, polyethylene and plastic. Place baits in inhabitation of rats, mice and voles. Indoor location: place containers with bait on rodent motion paths (in corners, along the walls and non-load-bearing partitions, under furniture and near holes) - 50-100 g for gray rats and 20-50 g for mice and voles.

Depending on premise surface, dirtiness, rodent number and type, a distance between lay out points is 1-5 m. Due to high number of rodents, bait is located by small portions on frequent occasions.

Control palatability and status of placed bait in 2 days after the first lay out. Then control it weekly. Replace product portions by new ones according to eating or contamination. Stop control and lay out of the product if it remains intact everywhere for a long time suggesting rodent disappearance.


Cannot be used by persons under 18 years old, pregnant and lactating women, as well as those with blood and hepatic diseases.

While dealing with the product, wear work wear (coat or dustproof overall and cap) and use personal protection equipment (rubber gloves, apron, goggles and safety shoes). Avoid contact with skin, mouth and eyes.

Perform all baiting operations in designated areas with effective forced-air-exhaust ventilation or in ventilation hood.

Authorities and personnel of installation to be processed, as well as persons living nearby must be informed about presence of rodenticide and toxicity degree observing appropriate precautions.

Observe personal hygiene rules during work such as: do not smoke or eat; carefully wash your hands and face with warm water and soap during breaks and after use.
Place product in designated containers (baiting boxes, tubes, beds, trays or specific containers) with special forceps (spatula) in order to exclude product dissemination by rodents and entering the environment (food, water, household items etc.).
Number poisoned bait lay out points in order to carry out more accurate control and accounting.

Keep out of the reach of children and domestic animals in areas of use.
Special precautions are required to use this product in therapeutic and child care institutions, as well as in catering establishments.

Bait must be located in premises out of the reach of children.

When used in installations, place bait in designated baiting boxes in order to avoid product dissemination by rodents and entering food and household items.

Countryside: burn package, containers and non-reusable remaining product in the open air (far away from water) or bury to a depth of 0.5 m at least in designated areas. Urban settlements: discard all above mentioned stuff on a contractual basis with specialized organizations.

Countryside: bury dead rodents to a depth of 0.5 m at least (far away from water) previously covering with bleach powder. Urban settlements: discard dead animals on a contractual basis with specialized organizations.

Do not use package or product containers in other purposes.

Store prepared poisoned baits in intact labelled package in special locking cabinet intended for storage of pesticides or in warehouses (labelled as "TOXIC!") at 0-35°С. Register inflow and discharge of the product.

Using dust or sand, collect poured product entered ambient environment, in a box and refer to disposal. Remove product using work wear (rubber apron and boots), personal protection equipment (rubber gloves and goggles) and universal respirators.

During transportation and storage packages must be labelled and closed tightly. Do not store the product or bait near chemical substances with powerful odor.

Observe personal hygiene rules during work, such as: do not smoke or eat; after use carefully wash your hands with warm water and soap.


Store unpacked in dry and well-ventilated closed warehouse separately from food, animal feeding, forage and chemical substances with penetrating odor at -30…+40°C.

Shelf life is 2 years from manufacturing date, when stored unpacked.

Environmental protection: avoid product transfer into waste/open or ground water and drainage.

Pharmaceutical form

The rodenticide is manufactured in 18 ml and 1 l bottles.

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