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OkVet medical shampoo with chlorhexidine

Skin diseases can poison the life of even the most cheerful dog or cat. If the cause is not a contagious disease (for example, lichen or scabies), then the problems are most often in violation of the external microflora. As a rule, the process of unrestrained reproduction of conditionally pathogenic microbe or fungus starts any negative changes in the organism itself. Often, the skin reacts negatively to changes in diet, reduced immunity, and even severe stress. The result is from banal dandruff to the most severe dermatitis, spreading all over the body.
What to do in these cases? Of course, it is necessary to review the diet, remove the allergenic or stressful factor, take measures to normalize the skin condition.  But first of all it is necessary to destroy the causative agent of the disease. It is necessary, at least temporarily, substantially reduce the number of the enemy, devouring the cells of the skin. And here the first series of drugs acts chlorhexidine. It successfully fights fungi, bacteria and even some viruses. It can be applied to open wounds and inflamed skin, it does not cause an acute burning sensation, like alcohol solutions.

Animals with skin diseases are not recommended to wash, so as not to spread pathogens from the affected hearth throughout the body. Often this creates inconvenience, as inflamed skin emits an extremely unpleasant smell. But if you use a shampoo with chlorhexidine OKVET, you can combine a disinfection of you can combine a disinfection of the skin with its cleaning.

Okvet shampoo has many more benefits. It contains a soft, non-irritating cleanser, pH neutral, promotes rapid recovery of the skin due to the content of allantoin, inhibits the growth of pathogenic microflora.

OKVET® is prescribed as a therapeutic and prophylactic and antiseptic to dogs and cats for superficial and deep pyoderma, for dermatophytosis and malasesiosis, as well as for mixed skin lesions, seborrhea, dermatitis, small wounds, abrasions, scratches and other skin lesions, complicated by bacterial infection, in combination with symptomatic and pathogenetic agents; as a means of preventing complications after cutting, shaving and trimming.

Let your pets never know what a neglected skin disease is. And OKVET® shampoo will help you in this.