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FITODOC® dermatological drops for dogs and cats

The beautiful coat of a dog or cat is a reason for pride of the owner. But it happens that small skin problems spoil the appearance of a perfectly healthy animal. Insect bites cause unpleasant itching and scratching, a large dog has abrasions on the elbows, a lush collar on the neck grows too slowly. And dandruff, dullness and an unpleasant smell of wool will ruin the perfect look of any pet.

            The solution to these problems lies at the junction of veterinary medicine and cosmetologists. And you need to start fighting for beautiful coat and healthy skin with a balanced diet, proper hygiene and protection of the animal from parasites. And natural dermatological preparations are ready to provide you additional assistance in this difficult work.

            FITODOC® Drops Based on Medicinal Oils are formulated specifically for animals.

With their help it is possible:

  • Reduce itching and scratching from insect bites;
  • Improve the condition of the claws, eliminate cracks and brittleness of the horn plate;
  • Accelerate the healing of skin abrasions on joints in large dogs and promote the healing of cracks and abrasions on the pads of the feet;
  • Return tone to dry, dehydrated skin;
  • To accelerate the growth and improve the condition of the coat;
  • Eliminate the unpleasant smell of "dog";
  • Successfully fight dandruff.

            FITODOC® drops contain emollients, medicinal vegetable oils, essential oils, tocopherol, bisabolol and excipients.

            Emollients are derivatives of coconut oil. They have a silky, non-greasy texture, are well absorbed, easily applied to the skin and leave a very pleasant feeling. A particularly valuable property of emollients is that they allow other active substances contained in the therapeutic agent to penetrate the skin more easily.

            Medicinal oils are cheese-pressed oils, the raw materials for which were not heated during manufacture. The absence of heating does not allow the oil to oxidize, and this preserves its original composition. Such oils are rich in vitamins and have high antioxidant properties.

            Essential oils of tea tree and lavender have a disinfecting and healing effect, while oils and monarda stimulate recovery processes. The complex of essential and cheese-pressed oils restores the texture of dry skin and stimulates the growth of new cells, as well as they have a softening, soothing, anti-inflammatory effect, beneficial for the skin, and even suitable for those who are especially sensitive.

            Bisabolol is the main component of German chamomile essential oil (Matricaria recutita). Thanks to its presence, the effect of other ingredients is enhanced. They penetrate deeper into the deeper layers of the epidermis and, therefore, act more efficiently. Along with cosmetic properties, bisabolol has an antifungal and antibacterial effect. And this substance removes itching and reduces redness, and the desired effect is achieved quite quickly.

            The components of the dermatological drops FITODOC® are certified in accordance with the requirements of COSMOS-Standard, BDIH (Germany), Ecocert (France) and NPA (USA), which are the same quality standard for organic and natural cosmetics.

            May your animals be always healthy and delight you with their beauty!