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Dironet. Meet the novelty!

Due to numerous requests from our customers, we have released Dironet worming pills adapted for small and large pets!

Dironet® 200 for cats and kittens and Dironet® 200 for dogs of small breeds and puppies - 1 tablet per 4 kg. The drug contains in one pyrex pyrantel pamoate tablet 60 mg, praziquantel 20 mg and ivermectin 0, 024 mg. Round tablet b small, easily passes into the esophagus, eliminating the risk of choking.

Dironet® 1000 for dogs of large breeds - 1 tablet per 30 kg. Now even Cane Corso is enough 2 tablets! The drug contains in one tablet of pyrantel pamoat 150 mg, praziquantel 50 mg and ivermectin 0.06 mg.

Tablets can be divided, mixed with food and simply given to a pet.

We also remind that Dironet® tablets are produced in the classic form of 1 tablet per 10 kg.