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Cooperation between AVZ and the Russian Red Cross

We are pleased to announce that AVZ and the All-Russian public Organization Russian Red Cross have signed a cooperation agreement. The partnership is primarily aimed at supporting children's medical institutions and promoting free blood donation.

This project is very important for us, it has expanded the scope of our charitable activities, and now AVZ helps not only animals. Charity is an integral part of the daily life of our company, because for many years we have been helping zoos, charitable foundations and shelters for homeless cats and dogs throughout Russia, supporting and participating in events to find a home and loving owners.

As part of our cooperation with the Russian Red Cross, we will transfer part of the funds from the sale of antiseptic products of the Migstim brand to charity projects.

In addition, our company recently transferred the necessary amount of Migstim antiseptic to the Burn Center of the Speransky Children's Clinical Hospital No. 9 in Moscow.

And most importantly, we are launching a new charity project for all of us to collect donations and encourage everyone to take part in it as much as possible. On our website, in the charity section, there is a widget for transferring donations to the needs of the Russian Red Cross. In the next three months, donations are being collected to help the Burn Center of the Speransky Children's Clinical Hospital No. 9 in Moscow. You can also contact the RCC by phone +7 (499) 126-75-71 to find out how else you can help. At the end of three months, we will inform you about the amount collected and about the assistance that we have provided together.

You can make a donation simply by clicking on this link: