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Brand "Bars"


Brand "BARS" was awarded the "PRODUCT OF THE YEAR" award for the fifth time.

In 2016, we were the winners in the nomination "Preparations to protect against external parasites."

We are honored for the fifth year in a row to receive this prestigious award, with each new award no less valuable for us than the previous one. The victory in the competition - it is a great achievement and an incentive to conquer new heights!

Almost every employee of our company is the owner of an animal, so we are first interested in its quality, efficiency and safety.
We thank all our partners, thanks to which the products of the brand "Bars" can be purchased in any region of Russia, as well as abroad!
We thank all owners of animals that are already many years chosen our products to protect their pets. If you dream of a cat or dog, but do not hesitate, go for it! It is a great joy and pleasure for many years. And we will take care of your pet's health!

The award "Product of the Year" is awarded to the most popular consumer goods. Winning the appropriate product category shows a competent marketing strategy and as a result, consumer product recognition.

Contest "Product of the Year" is held with the support of the Russian Chamber of Commerce for 14 years. We are particularly pleased of the neighborhood known as the nominees for Coca Cola, Aqua Minerale, Lipton, Orbit, Baltika. Our "Bars" in a decent company.

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