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Monizen suspension

10 ml; 100 ml; 1 l
Release form :

10 ml, 100 ml and 1 l bottles.

Product benefits:

  •  High efficiency against endoparasites in sheep oestrosis.
  •  Low cost processing.
  •  Single use.
  •  High security.
  •  Easy administration and dosage.

Chemical composition and pharmacological properties

1 ml of Monizen contains praziquantel - 40 mg and ivermectin - 1.7 mg (as active ingredients), as well as excipients.

Praziquantel and ivermectin (components of the drug) provide broad-spectrum antiparasitic effect on imaginal and larval development phases of gastrointestinal and pulmonary roundworms, cestodes and sheep botfly larvas parasitizing farm animals.

Ivermectin is a marocyclic lactone compound, primary targets of which are glutamate-gated chloride channels and GABA receptors. Change in chloride ions current level through membranes of nervous and muscle cells damages impulse conduction resulting in paralysis and death of parasites.

Praziquantel is a synthetic isoquinoline pyrazine based compound which is active against mature and immature tapeworms. Its mechanism of action is based on worm membrane permeability damage, external cover disturbance, stable muscle cell depolarization and energy metabolism disorder causing general musculature clonus, contant paralysis and death of cestodes.


Use Monizen in cattle, small ruminants, pigs and poultry with cestodiasis, pulmonary and gastrointestinal nematodosis, as well as in sheep oestrosis.


Increased individual sensitivity to the drug components (including such a medical history). Do not use in laying hens with esculent eggs, henny replacements (less than 2 weeks before egg-laying starts), milking and pregnant females less than 28 days before delivery (due to drug accumulation in eggs and excretion in milk), as well as in debilitated, contagious and recovering animals.

Dosage and administration

Monizen is intended for individual oral single administration (cattle and pigs); individual or group administration with concentrated feed (other animals). Dosage is listed below:
• cattle and small ruminants - 1 ml per 20 kg of body weight (gastrointestinal nematodosis: haemonchosis, bunostomosis, esophagostomiasis, nematodirosis, chabertiosis, cooperiosis, ostertagiosis, strongyloidosis, trichostrongylosis, trichocephaliasis, neoascaridosis);
• 1 ml per 10 kg of body weight (pulmonary nematodosis - dictyocaulosis, mulleriosis, cystocaulosis, protostrongylidosis; cestodiasis - monieziasis, avitellinosis, thysanieziosis);
• sheep oestrosis - individual (1 ml per 15 kg of body weight) or group administration (1 ml per 10 kg of body weight) with a half of single allowance of concentrated feed. Distribute this mixture in feeders providing animals with free access;
• pig nematodosis (ascaridosis, esophagostomiasis, metastrongilosis, trichocephaliasis, strongyloidosis) - individual use (0.5 ml per 10 kg of body weight);
• broiler chicken, chicken replacements, geese, ducks - 0.1 ml/kg of body weight in mix with a half of feed single allowance by individual or group method during morning feeding in nematodosis (ganguleterakidosis, ascaridiosis, heterakidosis) and cestodiasis (drepanidoteniasis, hymenolepiasis, railletinosis).
In order to provide equal distribution, add the drug to feed and carefully mix using stepwise mixture. Accurately shake suspension before every use.
Do not feed poultry and avoid their contact with water within 2-3 hours after deworming.
Deworm animals before stabling and turning to pasture in spring; process sheep against oestrosis immediately after termination of botfly flight.
Before mass processings test each Monizen batch on small group (5-7 animals of different age and body weight). In default of complications within 3 days, process all the livestock.

Adverse events

Adverse events and complications are not observed in case of administration as per package insert.

Special warnings

Cattle, sheep and goats are allowed to be slaughtered for meat not earlier than 28 days after Monizen administration. The stated period is 20 days in geese and ducks and 15 days in hens. Meat of compulsorily slaughtered animals received before stated period termination can be used to feed fur animals.


Store in closed original package. Protect from direct sunlight and moisture. Store separately from food and animal feeding at 5-20°С.

Pharmaceutical form

10 ml, 100 ml and 1 l bottles.

The information provided in this catalog is for reference only. There may be some changes in the characteristics, packaging and packaging of products.

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