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Grass for cats vitamin supplementary feeding

30 g, 170 g
Application :

Grain crop seeds set with growth substrate for fresh green forcing

Release form :

Plastic bag containing 80, 120 or 170 g of the product; polymeric bag containing 30 g of the product.

Product benefits:

  • Ecologically clean vitamin supplementary feeding containing no harmful substances including heavy metals.
  • No microbiological and invasion content of harmful microorganisms and worm eggs.
  • Good stimulation of gastrointestinal tract cleaning.
  • Normalizes metabolism.

Chemical composition and biological properties

Grass fresh green is natural ecologically clean product recommended to cats, rodents, rabbits and birds in winter and spring. Optimal proportion of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and vitamins in Grass enables to use it as dietic and medicinal drug. Grass contains a whole range of nonredundant amino acids, potassium, calcium, silicium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, microelements, В1, В2, В6 vitamins, (β-carotin, E, choline, biotin, folacin). B1 normalizes nervous system activity and activates digestive function. Riboflavin (В2) is necessary for adequate absorption, availability and synthesis of lipid. Vitamin В6 is essential for normal nervous system activity. The need for it increases in pregnancy and debilitation.
β-carotin is a vitamin A precessor increasing organism infection resistance and beneficially influencing on vision and skin status.
In contrast to grass on the street, Grass does not contain any pathogenic microbes and worm eggs. Besides, Grass enables to save home ornamental plants harmless.

Recommendations for use

Transfer half a glass of water into a basin, then discard remained water in 18 hours. Cut some holes in basin ground, cover it by a top and transfer to a warm place. On the 4th day open the basin top. Put a basin on its top and water using it as a tray. Transfer a basin in a warm light place, water once in 2 days. In 9-10 days grass sprouts are ready to use.
Grass provides metabolism improvement, successful aid in flatulence, physical overfatigue, diseases of nervous system, skin, visual organs in cats, rodents and birds. It is used for active prevention of hypovitaminosis.


Store in dry and cool place.

Pharmaceutical form

Plastic bag containing 80, 120 or 170 g of the product; polymeric bag containing 30 g of the product.

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